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New Student-led Organization in Biotechnology

The Biotech Association is a new student-led organization of Santa Monica College focused on the field of biotechnology and areas of innovative technology used for biological systems and products. Our goal is to provide information and resources for students interested in this growing industry with biotech leaders and partners, internship opportunities, volunteer work, laboratory skills workshops, and more.  Our mission is to support students of SMC in pursuing their career in biotechnology and bring guidance that will help them in their journey.

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About Us

Our work aims to provide resources for professional growth and development, and preparing passionate STEM students for career opportunities within the biotechnology industry.

Our Story

We began the Biotech Association wanting to encourage more individuals to join us in discovering where biotechnology will lead to in the future.


We are determined to bring more opportunities to our members to encourage their pursuit for their dream career in biotechnology.

Regular Club Meetings

Tuesday 2pm-3pm

Virtual & In Person

In Person:

Cayton Associated Students

Equity Center

Dates of Operation

The Biotech Association operates during Spring & Fall semester only.


Begins: Tuesday 05, 2024

Ends: Tuesday May 21, 2024


Begins: Tuesday September 10, 2024

Ends: Tuesday November 19, 2024

Regular meetings typically begin 3 weeks from the beginning of a semester and ends 3 weeks before the end. Dates may be subject to change with notice. Meetings may be cancelled with notice. Members will be notified of any changes. All meetings are virtual, but some may occur in person with notice prior to the event.

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Join us for our regular meetings to stay up-to-date with the latest in biotechnology, skills building workshops, network, and research opportunities.

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Our workshops are designed to help students develop technical and professional skills in the field of biotechnology. Topics range from laboratory techniques to project management and entrepreneurship.

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We organize networking events to connect students with professionals in the biotechnology industry. These events provide opportunities to learn about different career paths and gain insights into the industry.


(Coming Soon)

We want to expand opportunities to students that want a  chance to participate in research projects in the field of biotechnology, which would provide valuable hands-on experience and help students build their resumes. We will have more information coming soon as we look to develop research project opportunities.

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What is Biotechnology?

How Biotechnology Could Save the World

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Santa Monica College's 
New Biotechnology Program Coming Soon!

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